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“In the most widespread attack to date, the WannaCryptor (WannaCry) ransomware family infected thousands of computers across the world. In just 24 hours, the number of infections spiked to 185,000 machines in more than 100 countries." 

Number of Symantec detections for WannaCry May 11 to 15

A new family of ransomware called WannaCryptor has started targeting businesses in more than 70 countries around the world. Hospitals, telecom companies or gas and utilities plants are just some of the verticals that suffered massive disruptions caused by data being held at ransom.

Conventional ransomware is still one of the most visible threats for both consumers and businesses across the world. While most of it spreads via malicious e-mail attachments, browser and third-party exploits in web-facing applications, the WannaCryptor attack automates the exploitation of a vulnerability called MS17-010 that is present in most versions of Windows. This flaw allows a remote attacker to run code on the vulnerable computer and use that code to plant ransomware without anybody having to click malicious links or recklessly open e-mail attachments This wormable behavior makes it the perfect tool to hold at ransom data stored on computers that are not operated by a human, such as servers running a vulnerable version of the Server Message Block (SMB protocol)” (Brodan Botezatu, Bitdefender)

These types of attacks are becoming more widespread and more dangerous with each new rendition. Consider WannaCryptor a warning shot. There will be more to follow and they will target businesses of all sizes. Cybercriminals are learning that smaller ransoms and more victims equals a larger payday. The time has come to get serious about protecting your data. There is one statistic that cannot be ignored by small to medium businesses. 60% of all SMBs are out of business six months after an attack! Do not ignore this statistic. Be prepared by being proactive.

Ask yourself these important questions.

  • Does my IT person or managed I.T. Support Company have a specialty in cyber protection?
  • Do they understand the daily changes going on in the security market? 
  • Are they proactively protecting you against attack?
  • Do they offer security awareness training?
  • Are they running redundant back-ups for you?
  • Have they installed the latest advanced artificial intelligence based anti-virus?
  • Is your managed I.T. service company currently offering you remote monitoring that updates patches automatically?

These are all considerations that must be given some thought based on the current state of cybersecurity and malicious activity. If your patches were current, you had multiple useable back-ups, and you were running the latest anti-virus technology you would have been safe from WannaCryptor.

The Tek is an I.T. managed service provider with a specialty in cybersecurity. The Tek’s CEO, Joey Costa, believes in proactive protection.

“Our clients are running Sophos which is the most sophisticated Artificial Intelligence virus protection on the market. They run two different web filters to block malicious websites. We run backups on all our customers systems, and our automatic patch management system updates all desktops and servers the second the new patch from Microsoft is released. That means our clients are safe! That’s what being proactive and client peace of mind is all about.”

Cybersecurity is the new physical security!

You have a new enemy. Years ago if you owned a business and you wanted to protect it, you would build a fence, buy an alarm system, and install some cameras and door locks. Today, you have an invisible threat. You still have to have the fences and locks, but now you must have digital protection as well. If you don’t you are leaving the fence and the door wide open.

At The Tek, we specialize in elevating your technology. We know trying to figure out what protection you need is complicated. You trust your I.T. guy or your I.T. managed provider, but are they really up to speed when it comes to cybersecurity?
As a result of the latest WannaCryptor attack, The Tek would like to help you be proactive and protected. Our Free Risk Assessment scan is your first step to real peace of mind. Contact us today and let’s get started in making sure your business is safe and secure.

Free Risk Assessment

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