How To Save On Your Internet Connectivity Bill

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You never know when a chance encounter can save you money. I’m sure most of you are not sitting around talking to random strangers about your internet connection speed. It’s just not one of those things that is followed by, “would you mind holding the door?”, but this is exactly how TC2 Labs, LLC ended up with faster connectivity and a smaller internet bill.

Upon a chance encounter at SF Tailors we had a chance to connect with John Fijen at TC2 Labs, LLC. John was happy to take us up on the offer for a free risk assessment where we reviewed their internal networks and connectivity looking for vulnerabilities and opportunities for them to save money by leveraging upgraded technology.

During the assessment, we reviewed their data, voice, network and firewall setup and provided them with a comprehensive evaluation report that identified key strategic areas of opportunity including faster connection and upgraded phones/fax with higher phone quality all at a reduced price.

Faster Connectivity – By leveraging our partners, we were able to switch TC2 Labs, LLC from their original provider to Spectrum creating faster connection speed for less money. Fast connectivity speed allows businesses to be more productive and efficient when conducting day-to-day operations. Think, less time running all of your business systems that require internet access – which these days is mainly all functions of business. If you can run invoicing in half the time all while reducing your internet bill, it’s a win-win.

Upgraded Phone/Fax – Are you still running your business on analogue phone lines? Switching from a basic phone service to an advanced cloud-based service provides businesses with multiple advantages including advanced features and capabilities, enhanced productivity, ease of scalability, and dependable phone service.

With the upgraded phone/fax and enhanced internet speeds, TC2  Labs, LLC was able to save nearly $1,200 a year on their voice and data bills all while increasing their productivity.

Lesson learned: While I wouldn't encourage you to discuss your internet connectivity with random strangers on the street, engaging with the Tek for a review of your technology infrastructure can lead to big rewards all with little effort.

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